Our mottos

Beauty is everywhere!We believe beauty is subjective, It´s in the watcher´s eye. You just have to go closer, look beneath the surface, change your perspective and ¡bam!, there it is: beauty in front of you.

I´m different and proud!Diversity is an incredible thing we have. Still, some people are afraid of it. We used to feel assured between our equals, but it´s a great thing to appreciate and learn from the others!

Equal rights for everyone!Being different does not make me different by the law. Law has to protect the people who has been discriminated or humilliated just for being different.

Protect yourself and others!Life is precious, and it is important to protect each other to have a better life.

Be a part of the change!We can do a lot of things to make world better. Make a commitment and participate on it!

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