This exhibition pays homage to all beliefs about beauty, without bending to anyone, with full respect to difference as the supreme worth.Tamara Adrián, IDAHO International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia, President

Beyond any doubt, beyond masterly lit and composed photographs, this is an anthropological analysis of human relationships..Claudio Napolitano, fotógrafo venezolano – Hasselblad Masters Award 2010

Their fantasy turns every portrait in a trip to erotic doom, an exploration of the darker areas of our minds, a visual experience that leaves no room for indifference. Giovanni Leoni, Gianorso, fotógrafo italiano – Roma, Italia

A project born from respect and diversity. These images convey the serenity given by the subject’s implication and the superb work of the photographers, from simplicity to complexity, from innocence to maturity. As many ways to show nudity as there are ways to take a picture. Alberto G. Puras, fotógrafo Publicitario – Sevilla, España

A visual celebration of the beauty of the human body, in this beautiful book so full of light. Natural bodies, shown openly, without caring for gender or condition. A claim of freedom and responsibility in which we’re all represented in some way. Torres and Henriquez invite us to review our positions and ideas on sexuality through sleek images, in an age of change and rupture of paradigms. Mauricio López Chollett, fotógrafo y docente – Caracas, Venezuela

We attest that the arduous and obsessive work of Richard and Jogreg, so full of talent and discipline, is fully expressed in these powerful and transgressive images. These images aren’t just there to provoke us; these images defend, with the subtlety of genuine art and the charm of noble causes, not just the idea that beauty is infinitely diverse, but the idea that it can be delicate, extravagant or rough, or all at once. Antonella Fonseca y Ricardo Andrade, periodista y escritor – Bogotá, Colombia.

More than a book, VIVOS is a trip through a kind of collective intimacy, a collection of well thought images with an amazing tecnique. Carlos Rojas, fotógrafo venezolano – Bogotá, Colombia.

VIVOS is full of diversity, sexuality, sensuality and erotism. Words that merge to the photographic art by Richard and Jogreg, giving as a result transgressive images, full of freedom and with an overwhelming energy. The oneiric aesthetic of their images reminds us of our humanity and forbids us to hide it. Jessica Carrillo Mazzali, periodista – Nueva York, EEUU

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